Sonoflaw 70 - Ultrasonic Fault Detector

With the new generation of non-destructive testing device Sonoflaw 70 from Sonotec, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your company. The unit is also known as Sonowall 70, and thanks to the modules and software added to the device, this device can perform both ultrasonic A- / B- thickness measurement and error detection. Thanks to its special software, you can easily switch between these two modes.

The Sonoflaw error detector is used in many different sectors. With the device you can easily measure wall thickness of metals, tires, glass, plastics and many other materials. Invisible cracks, inclusions and voids in these materials are detected. If the material you want to measure is coated with another material or has multiple layers, it does not prevent Sonoflaw 70 to measure the wall thickness.

This non-destructive testing device from Sonotec will be your biggest assistant during the maintenance process. It can perform different analyzes such as visualization of the corrosion and oxide degree measurement. You can store all your measurements in the 16 GB memory with a single button. With the portable error detector Sonoflaw 70, field analysis is easy. The IP 67 standard supporting this feature, its robust enclosure, easy documentation and user-friendly interface have been optimized to make it easier for technicians to work.

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