FloormapX MFL Array

Floormap®X MFL produced by Eddyfi is a perfect tank bottom inspection system equipped with the latest technology. Thanks to its unique detection ability, it can display plates and coatings perfectly, including critical areas.

Thanks to the patented STARS technology, it makes the top / bottom corrosion distinction perfectly. With the FloormapX MFL, you can either do full mapping of the floor or use the device in Freescan ™ mode. FloormapX will increase your productivity when inspecting tank floors like no other system.

With the 64-channel, 128 multi-directional sensor of the 10th Generation FloormapX MFL, you can view your analysis in SIMS PRO software and easily report and share, while mapping corrosion. For detailed information about Floormap®X MFL and other MFL devices  that offers similar solutions, you can contact Troy-Met Quality Control Systems expert engineer staff.