Mitcorp X750 Videoscope

With the Mitcorp X750 Videoscope, it is possible to perform visual inspection wherever you want by removing your movement restrictions. In addition to its light and durable visual camera, which can be used in any environment, it can capture 2K resolution quality images thanks to its blind spots articulation head snake camera, whose only entrance is a tiny hole.

This videoscope, which can be used safely in difficult areas, is covered with a scratch-resistant tungsten mesh. The dual light source can illuminate the places that are difficult to see, and the focus can be adjusted simultaneously with the camera with real vision technology. While recording photos and videos with the touch screen control mechanism, you can transfer your recordings to your computer or screen via Wi-Fi, mini HDMI or USB Type-C. You can mark the place or item you are examining on the map with the help of the GPS inside the device, with the high resolution secondary camera located behind the control mechanism.