X-MET 8000 Smart XRF Spectrometer

The XMET-8000 Smart is the latest portable XRF device from Hitachi, a company specializing in XRF analyzers that provides chemical analysis in the field. This model with SDD detector can perform chemical analysis of elements in the range of K (19) - U (92) in less than 5 seconds in the periodic table. The X-ray fluorescence spectrometer can be used in field conditions without requiring any sample preparation thanks to its IP 54 standard and battery usage. Thanks to the specially developed thick film on the front of the device, even the sharp parts can be easily measured. The device is unique with its library of 1600 alloy standards and small compact design. It has the ability to report in Excel or PDF format. The device has the ability to store over 100,000 analyzes in memory and to report in either Excel or custom PDF format. Portable XRF devices are widely used in various fields such as alloy (metallurgy) applications, recycling, mining applications, archeology and restoration, jewelery, NDT and PMI inspections.

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