KODAK, one of the leading companies of conventional films used in Industrial Radiography, has started production by combining its experience with renewed technological developments. In this way, RT Films of much higher quality suitable for X-ray and Gamma ray shooting are offered to your use. NDT Films are produced in sizes and features to meet market needs and are constantly in our stocks. Kodak manufactures C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6 quality products in accordance with ASTM E 1815 Special, Class I, Class II and Class III and EN ISO 11699-1 standards.

KODAK Radiography Films of all sizes, including rolled film, are always in stock in leaded NIF and leaded ready packs.

Kodak X-ray Films bring image quality to the next level with special Developer / Developer and Fixer film processing chemicals, which are also produced by themselves in the USA.

Kodak films can be used with Gamma rays, x-rays, double-wall and single-wall pipe welding, x-ray crawler applications, radiographic examination of plates and cast parts, x-ray shots in aviation and defense industries that require high precision, 30x40 and 35x43 large size films. Large castings and forged parts are used safely and with high precision in RT inspection.

Kodak Industrial Radiography chemicals are used safely in manual film processing equipment and automatic film processing equipment of all brands.