Ludlum 4525 Portal Type Radiation Control System

The Ludlum 4525-Series of Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs) represents state-of-the-art technology at detecting orphan radiation sources. Ludlum has sold thousands of these types of systems throughout the world to scrap yards, recycling companies, landfills, and foundries. The 4525 series detectors are ruggedized, large plastic scintillation systems that can be optimally arranged to monitor moving vehicles entering into the system. Each detector system can be configured with two to eight large detectors. Real-time data acquisition and analysis is performed directly at each detector system and then reported to a central PC for logging, reporting, and alarm notification. 

Up to four detector systems (lanes) can be networked together via Ethernet or wireless to the central PC where vehicles entering from either direction can be monitored in real time. Each detector system additionally includes a remote control/annunciator panel to support operator awareness, alarm acknowledgement, and if necessary, backup operation in the event the central PC is unavailable