Lead Armouring for Radiation Safety

There are a number of safety measures to protect from harmful rays of radioactive materials used in the industry and medical field.

We are applying this armoring process in accordance with rules and procedures issued by Turkey Atomic Energy Agency.

Considering the beam type, intensity, power and area of ​​effect of the radioactive source used in buildings such as sections, rooms, cabins that need to be armored, ARMORING CALCULATIONS GUIDE RSGD - KLV - 006 is designed and manufactured by making the necessary calculations as a result of a meticulous work.

Lead plates or bricks from 1 mm to 50 mm are manufactured for radiation safety.

Installation design is one of the most important aspects for sealing, and in this context, lead plate or herringbone lead bricks are manufactured in appropriate sizes.

In turnkey projects, leading of rooms, drywall and painting process, manufacturing of lead doors, secure cable passages underground or through walls, audio and visual warning systems, radiation measuring devices (field dosimeters), door safety switches, etc. Many of your needs are done by us.

Single and double wing lead doors manufactured using steel carcass are moved by electric motors or hydraulic systems.

We have chambers established in leading companies.