Proceq UT8000 - Flaw Detector

Proceq UT8000 provides great convenience with its portable design and user friendly interface in ultrasonic tests performed to detect flaws such as cracks and voids in metals and composites. The portable flaw detector is equipped with IP67 certification to work in the most demanding conditions. Our Proceq Flaw Detector Live Application increases your productivity with intelligent software features. Install the app on your iPad and get seamless analysis from your seat.

Proceq UT8000 portable flaw detector is capable of A-Scan and Grid-Scan. The most common areas where Proceq UT8000 is used are; pipeline welds, aircraft composites, corrosion mapping, material and coating thickness measurement applications.

For detailed information about ultrasonic tester Proceq UT8000, please contact Troy-Met Quality Control Systems engineers.