MF500M Magnetite Field Meter

The Magmeter MF500M tester, manufactured by Diverse Technologies, is used to measure the amount of magnetity in metallic materials. The hand-held, portable device is especially designed to measure the amount of magnetite field accumulated in cooling pipes. The detector, which enables the device to measure, is embedded in a special and protected case made of stainless steel. 

The measured magnetite level is stored in the device's memory, allowing for easy comparison in future measurements. Technicians can specifically calibrate the Magmeter MF500M tester for pipes of different thickness. The settings for ease of operation can be stored in the device memory. 

Damage to pipes where the amount of magnetity is not measured regularly can also spread to other adherent pipes and consequently may interfere with the operation of the entire system. These and similar problems arise in all metals exposed to steam at high temperatures for long periods of time. To avoid this problem, the Magmeter MF500M will provide you with the necessary solution. If you have any questions about magnetite field meter, please contact our engineers.