MF300Fe+ Ferrite Meter

The MF300Fe + Ferrite Meter is used to measure the amount of ferrite in metallic materials. It is expected that the amount of ferrite changed after the heat treatment or welding procedure will remain within the limits. A large amount of heat and pressure is generated in chemical plants and industrial production processes using stainless steel in general. If the amount of ferrite present in the stainless steel content is too low, metal cracks may occur during heat treatment. If the ferrite content is too high, wear, corrosion and weak spots in the weld are formed. The Ferrite Meter MF300Fe +, manufactured by Diverse Technologies, measures the amount of ferrite in metal and assists you in achieving perfect results.

MF300Fe + Ferrite Meter's durable and portable case makes it easy for NDT applications. The ferrite meter can store up to 1000 measurements in its memory and easily transfer this data to a PC via USB. 2 different probe options with 4x6mm and 10mm diameter, ability to work on samples that have reached high temperatures thanks to air-cooled probe and calibration according to NIST standard are among the main features of MF300Fe + Ferritmeter.