Equotip 550 UCI Hardness Testing Instrument

The Equotip 550 UCI portable hardness tester, which offers field-use advantages, offers a wide range of applications. It meets the needs of users especially in oil / gas, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and machinery sectors. Highlights of the portable hardness tester include; unmatched measuring performance, powerful equipment and ease of use. The Equotip 550 UCI is the most flexible and suitable ultrasonic hardness tester manufactured by Proceq (Switzerland). Although the UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) measurement principle uses the same pyramid diamond as the conventional Vickers hardness tester, unlike the Vickers test, the depth of the trace does not need to be optically evaluated. This enables fast and portable measurement applications. The test capacity of the device is typically in the force range of 1 to 5 kg (HV1 - HV5). Proceq Equotip 550 UCI hardness tester is manufactured in accordance with ISO (18265), DIN (50159) and ASTM (E140 A1038) standards.