ELPI+ Particle Measurement System

Dekati’s Electrical Low Pressure Impactor, the ELPI+, is a unique, widely-used and well-characterized instrument for real-time particle size distribution and concentration measurements in the particle size range of 6 nm - 10 μm. The measurement method of the ELPI+ is the same for all of the particle sizes, making the ELPI+ the only instrument available in the market that operates in such a broad particle size range using only one measurement technique.

ELPI+ measures particle concentration and size distribution in real-time at 10 Hz sampling rate. In the ELPI+, particles are size classified into 14 size fractions in a cascade impactor. The size resolution of the ELPI+ can be increased up to 500 size bins with the High Resolution ELPI+ software upgrade where an inversion calculation based on the actual stage collection efficiencies is used.